Secondary Teachers Collective Agreement 2011

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(e) Rosch Hashonah and Yom Kippur for Jewish teachers. 6.9.1 Subject to express authorization of this agreement (including the teacher in professional and out-of-school training), the duration of the trip may be granted with a salary of up to seven days (excluding public holidays) under the following conditions: (c) the teacher is not subject, at the time of leave, to the jurisdiction or disciplinary procedures in force under this agreement or previous employment agreement or contract; and a teacher may benefit from one day of paid leave per year, plus the travel time covered at 6.9 for subsequent occasions. Full-time and temporary teachers in groups 1 and 2 may be granted leave for family special occasions and other occasions, such as permanent teachers. 6.7.1 Full-time registered teachers who have reached the level of vocational teachers (subject to point 6.7.2) are entitled to take unpaid refreshment leave for one period of time after three years in school or up to one school year after five years in school. Once a recall leave has been taken, an additional period of school qualification service is required from the day the leave returns, before the teacher can be considered for another refreshment leave. If your bargaining unit has not entered into negotiations with your school jurisdiction, employers cannot change arbitrary pay or working conditions. The expired collective agreements will continue to be in place until a new agreement is ratified. If this leave is authorized by the employer, teachers who participate in cultural activities recognized in New Zealand or outside New Zealand are entitled to travel under the same conditions as for a sports holiday. Provided that teacher relief, with the exception of casual workers who work only a few days at a time, can apply for leave for permanent teachers.

Unless teachers pursue their own interests or charge themselves, the employer grants paid leave when a teacher is required by subpoena to appear as a witness in court or serve before a jury; if, in the event of a service fee payment, these fees are refunded to the employer in order to reimburse them to the public account.