Subcontractor Agreement Professional Services

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Culver city unitary school district contracting independent for professional services (special services) Services this contract contract contract independent for special services (agreement) is indicated from the day of the year 201… 3 in fireEye`s employment contract, as demonstrated by the issuance of written confirmation of completion and acceptance by FireEye, a sample of which is attached to Appendix B. The final acceptance of services, delivery items or subcontracting work products may be retained at FireEye`s discretion until they are finally accepted by a customer. 5. CHANGES TO A WORK ORDER. FireEye may, by written notification, make changes to the general scope of an employment contract at any time and the subcontractor will continue to execute the contract as amended without delay. However, if a change in an employment contract results in a change in the time or cost of executing the employment contract, the FireEye subcontractor must inform as soon as possible that the cost or timing of the employment contract will have an impact and describe these effects, and any changes to the service, schedule or price of the contract are subject to reciprocal agreement. 6. SUBCONTRACTOR S REPRESENTATIONS, WARRANTIES, AND COVENANTS. 6.1 The performance of this agreement by subcontractors and all employment contracts will not violate any agreement made by subcontractors with another party and there is no other contract or other obligation on the part of the subcontractor that now exists, which is incompatible with this agreement. 6.2 Throughout the duration of the agreement, the subcontractors, its employees and its authorized subcontractors: (i) comply with all applicable state and public authorities laws, regulations and orders that respect the subcontractor`s performance of its obligations and responsibilities under this agreement; and (ii) to obtain and maintain all necessary licences, authorizations and authorizations by a federal, regional or local licensing, regulatory authority or any other authority or authority for the performance of the work required in this agreement or in an employment contract, and to immediately inform FireEye of the expiry, termination, non-renewal, refusal or revocation of such a licence , an authorization or authorization. 6.3 Subcontractors will use qualified individuals with appropriate training, experience, skills, skills and licences to meet their obligations under this agreement and each mission.