As Upon Our Agreement

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Third Party Websites are not under the control of ASHA, and ASHA is not responsible for the content of third party websites, and the addition of a link is for convenience and does not imply endorsement of the Sites by ASHA, or connection or relationship with its operators. The use of third-party websites and any purchase of products or services from such third-party websites are subject to the terms and conditions of such third-party websites. You agree not to bring any lawsuits or claims against ASHA arising out of or as a result of such use of third party websites, including, but not limited to, websites to which we link from the ASHA website. You agree to exempt ASHA from any liabilities, expenses (including, but not limited to attorneys` fees) and damages resulting from claims based on your use of the ASHA website, including, but not limited to, claims for defamation, defamation, infringement of personality rights or publicity, loss of service by other members, and infringement of intellectual property rights or others. ASHA will notify you of all claims for which ASHA is indemnified and will give you the opportunity to participate in the defense of any such claim, provided that your participation is not conducted in a manner that harms ASHA`s interests, as reasonably determined by ASHA in its own discretion. Sometimes it is necessary to keep clear written records of agreements and meeting takeaways. This is especially true if you work with a large team where details often fall through the grid or with someone who is new to your industry and can easily forget about unknown steps and processes. ASHA reserves the right to change the terms of this Agreement from time to time as we deem appropriate. Such modifications, modifications, additions or deletions shall take effect immediately after publication, unless otherwise specified. .

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