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I bought stamp paper on March 10, can I make an agreement on the item from February 10? Under the Indian Contract Act, Section 2(e) « Any promise and any series of promises that constitute mutual consideration is an agreement. » Since agreements are the heart and soul of a company, they must be enforceable documents. The implementation of these documents is subject to the application of the provisions of the Registration Act 1899, in conjunction with the Registration Act 1908. Therefore, they should be properly stamped, as they are, in the eyes of the law, a valid document. In this agreement, we mentioned that we cancel this agreement, so after 3 months, if the seller does not return my 15 lakhs, can I act on him? . Certified copy of the order of the collector`s joint with the date of sale 15-11-1972 and the date of the stamp paper as 12-11-1972. It is because of this fact. The stamp paper on which the deed of sale was exported was purchased on 12-11-1972 and the deed of sale was exported on 15-11-1972. It is the plaintiffs` argument that the transaction was obvious…) on 10 June 1950, but before the date of entry into force of the Andhra Pradesh Ceiling on Agricultural Holdings Act, 1961 (abbreviated as « The Ceiling Act, 1961. 2). Oral agreements are also valid if their existence is proven. Any date preceding the expiry date of the stamp document may be the date of the agreement.

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