Service Level Agreement Car Rental

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The agreement between fleet management and its customers must be based on a common understanding of relationships, responsibilities, performance measurement and dispute resolution process. The agreement contains clear definitions of responsibilities and guidelines for non-compliance with performance requirements. How you challenge your supplier to be more productive with excellent legal agreement is another key to making your business successful. Keep in mind that all fees and costs are negotiable and, most importantly, use common sense. The requirement for unrealistic service levels leads to an unfavourable relationship between the parties. You could risk a program that could be valuable to your business. You`ll find a model of service level agreement in the IPWEA Plant – Vehicle Management Manual Edition 3. Customers rely on fleet management to plan and budget for facility exchange, explore options available to meet operational requirements, prepare specifications, obtain facilities and vehicles, perform preventative maintenance, complete planned and unscheduled maintenance, and respond to ad hoc service requests. A good fleet service provider should come to you with new ideas and programs. How a program is communicated with you is as important as what is communicated. Analyze how each proposal can help you achieve your fleet and business goals.

Be careful when adding programs that can cost more with little or no performance. Analyze them before adding them to your contract. Identify measurable goals Performance requirements should be included in each contract with a fleet supplier. Performance-based repositories ensure success not only for you, but also for the supplier. The contract is a partnership between you and your fleet supplier. As with all major partnerships, both sides need to work this relationship. The contract aims to clarify how the service provider will proceed: understanding service levels is important for managing the lifecycle of fleet resources, as well as for other assets. They determine the types of assets made available, how often they are retained, when assets are sanitized or replaced, and how assets are divested. A master leasing contract is a mandatory contract. However, a « Major Force » clause should be included in the treaty. This is a standard clause in almost all types of legal contracts that stipulates that the lessor cannot be held responsible for events beyond its control. It is essential to describe in the most detailed way possible how the different common situations are dealt with by both parties.

Before preparing for ALS, fleet management must have an ALS with the mechanical service provider for maintenance and response times plans for outages. Most fleet service providers can document the savings from packages they have designed. These include saving money on rent bills, claims, repair and maintenance. Lifecycle cost analysis is also important in determining savings. Consider all aspects of your fleet costs, in a fixed and variable way. Document the service provider`s demands to realize potential savings in areas such as repair, maintenance and accident management by reducing costs per vehicle or overall. Don`t be afraid to set concrete goals for holding your fleet service provider to account.