Tickmill Ib Agreement

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You can withdraw your IB commission at any time by filling out a payment form in the customer space. You can transfer the money to your Tickmill Live account or to your bank account, Skrill, Neteller or any other payment solution available. What are you waiting for? Take advantage of our excellent IB program, expand your network, take the top spot and start with one of the best and greenest cars in the world! . This competition gave me more passion and motivation than having succeeded in IB. Competition has helped me to significantly develop my network, strengthen links with other IBs and mobilize my teams to motivate customers to do business. . Tichmill Marketing Tools is available in English after trading with many brokers, including Tickmill. I understood that Tickmill is a stable broker, ultra-fast execution, good liquidity and low spreads. In addition, Tickmill has all the important features that a professional financial broker should have. So I`m very confident of introducing Tickmill to other dealers. Yeah, that would be great! I hope to see another enriching IB contest soon. In my opinion, the key factors that make an IB successful are: .

As I said before, my strategy of keeping customers is the best possible support for them so they can act effectively. What do you like most about our introductory brokerage program? . The security of funds, the effectiveness of entry and disbursement, and whether there is a standardized regulatory mechanism. I think it was a very good competition; I certainly expect a new IB competition. Fill in the desired fields for your personal information and business expertise to complete the registration of the customer area. To be honest, like IB with nearly 10 years of experience in the field, I see the new IBs much better than me, so there is fierce competition. Each area has its hidden corners. My advice to new IBs would be to constantly improve their knowledge.

This is necessary to help their clients make more profit, understand the issue and manage their capital so that they can prosper in the IB business. I`ve been tickmill IB since 2017. Among the things that inspired me, tickmill offers really low spreads, high discounts for IBs, quick deposit and payment methods of unique cash and responsive support.