Can Family Witness Tenancy Agreement

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If it is an 11-month lease, registration of this lease is not mandatory. Can I send her the contract that she can sign and send me back? Who does she have to have as a witness for it to be legal? Some legal documents, such as legal statements and affidavits, must be signed by an authorized witness. The witness can be anyone who is not a party to the agreement (i.e. you, the owner, would not have been an appropriate person), but it is better to have someone independent (i.e. not a close relative). 4) Family member may be a witness. In some states such as Mahrashtra, it is not necessary to have a third party as a witness, it is mandatory to register a leave and a license agreement for even 11 months. The question is who would be more reliable if he were asked to prove that the deed was actually signed by the person in person. It is this need that has led to the following best practice, which should be witnessed: why do my leases (and many others) provide for a signature as an act? (This also requires that the signatures be attested and that the document, to specify it, be signed in the form of an act). Most contracts have only two signing rooms – the tenant`s and the landlord`s. There is therefore no room for the witness to sign his name. The mere present is acceptable, provided that the witness can be reached in the future if necessary.

But the whole idea is usually dealt with by electronically signed agreements, which is the latest standard. This solves the same problem it creates because electronic signatures can be backed up with biometrics. They thus protect both parties better than in the case of written agreements whose witnesses may be incomprehensible a posteriori since they do not sign. 3) You should register the holiday and license agreement Although, yes, ideally, you should create certain types of rental as a certificate, it`s not the end of the world if you don`t. Tenants who have moved in (for example) are not classified as squatters – they are tenants. Because of s54 (2). For example, an independent « observer » (for example. B a lawyer) could observe the signatory and the witness via FaceTime or Skype. This independent observer could provide additional evidence if the evidence was ever challenged.

As already said, this is acceptable for leases, unless it is considered a distance contract (i.e.: