Case And Agreement In Syntax

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As the reviewer points out, a view I also share, inherent case assignment actually requires a specific configuration of transitivity (for ERG) and « Pastness » (which is a property of Stem, not T). That is why the classical point of view is faced with problems, a point of view that I recognize. This is the motivation behind the chain operation. Never (2017) proposes that the ergative case of Voice can only be attributed to its DP-Bezeicher if Voice`s vP sister has the appropriate nominal license characteristics: [D, φ], D being the nominal characteristics and φ the characteristics of the chord. The basic idea behind Nies (2017) View similar to that of Deal (2010), because the ergative requires Voice to access information further down the tree. See also Legat (2017) which proposes that what counts for « transitivity » is different in different languages. Kaufman, Daniel. 2017.