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You can agree, for example, that the surety is responsible for the duration of the lease, even if the rent increases during this period. If you are a student, have you thought about whether your university or university can offer you a 52-week accommodation option? Some institutions already offer it to dependent people. If you are not a Care-Leaver, but have distanced yourself from your parents or have parents who cannot be guarantors, there is no harm in asking if you could also benefit from this option. Before you sign anything, you should be fully aware of what your role in the contract is, and to do so, you need to know what a guarantor is. In short, a rental deposit is a person who signs the contract next to the tenant and agrees to pay rent, damages and other unpaid for the duration of the lease if the tenant cannot pay himself. For more information on what a rental guarantee is, why it is necessary and who can be a guarantor and who cannot be, please read our special explanation article « What is a deposit ». There are also a few types of hosting providers that are a bit more flexible. Companies like studentroost.co.uk need a guarantor, but have less stringent requirements for that guarantor. For example, they do not ask that person to reside in Britain. The difference between co-signer and guarantor is not so much related to the legal responsibilities that each assumes – these are very similar. As a rule, these private companies do not check the credit of a co-signer, so they can accept people who would not be able to act as guarantors.

Do not sign a contract if you are not satisfied with the conditions or if there are aspects of the agreement that you do not understand. You must always have at least 24 hours to read the contract. Whenever possible, always have your contract checked – this service is usually available through your study consulting service. Never sign on the spot. Once signed, the treaty is legally binding on all parties – you have no chance of changing your mind.