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APPROVED FOB DELIVERY PROCEDURE (1)1. The buyer receives an official offer and submits ICPO to the seller with the FOB delivery procedure approved by the refinery.2. The seller issues a commercial invoice (CI), the buyer signs and returns it to the seller with the fuel storage contract (TSA). The seller will perform the due diligence of the buyer`s refueling warehouse before making his 2-day tank lease payment. 3. The seller will pay the buyer`s tank for 2 days for the injection process and the buyer will pay his Tank Farm Company the storage fee for 3 days (in total five 5 days TSR). 4. Buyer tank stock available 5 days of storage (TSR) for the seller and the buyer, the seller provides unconditional DTA to the buyer with the following documents: – FOB SPOT / CI PROCEDURE, DIP + PAY) (3) 1. The buyer files ICPO and TSA2. The seller unlocks the commercial invoice with the storage logistics of the product available in the tank.3. The buyer signs the CI as well as the buyer`s logistics service provider as proof of performance and stock availability of the buyer.4.

The buyer sends the fully completed Dip Test Authorization (DTA) and signs in its validity, and after successful verification of the completed DTA, the seller issues the following complete POP documents:-A. SGS fresh report (no more than 72 hours); B. Receipt of product tanks;C. Certificate of accreditation;D. Product passport (quantity and quality analysis); E. Authorization for the Sale and Collection of Certificates (ATSCC); F. Pre-Injection Report (PIR); G. NCNDA/IMFPA (to be completed by all intermediaries); H. Certificate of origin of the product;I.

Verification Authority (ATV) either physically or elsewhere.5. After receipt and confirmation of the aforementioned POP documents, the buyer makes available to its inspectors (SGS or INTERTEK) and the necessary tests are carried out on the product in the seller`s tanks;6. After a successful dip test, the buyer pays the full payment by MT103/TT transfer for the entire product and the seller pays a commission to all intermediaries involved in the transaction within 24 hours of confirming the buyer`s payment and starting the injection immediately;7. Once the trial order is successfully completed, the seller issues a contract for the desired duration of the buyer. 1) The buyer exposes ICPO with: -A) The bank details of the company. B) name of the bank issuing DLC MT700. (C) a copy of the signatory`s passport. (D) Instrument of incorporation or commercial licence.

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