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The choice (C) is correct. The new sentence must logically and grammatically fall between sentence 9 (« The United States is no stranger to algae harvesting ») and sentence 10 (« However, for the Biobutanol project to be ecologically sustainable, algae cannot be harvested; it must be high »). The only sentence that provides a direct link to sentence 9 and sentence 10 is Choice(C): « Maine Seaweed Co., for example, harvests algae that are naturally available along the U.S. coast. » This sentence gives the example of Maine Seaweed, an algae harvesting company, in support of the Phrase 9 claim that the United States is familiar with seaweed harvesting. And sentence 10 seems to refer to Maine Seaweed`s work by stating that « However.. Algae cannot be harvested; it must be raised. Neither choice (A), nor choice (B) nor choice (D) offer the same explicit and logical link with sentences 9 and 10. It avoids the sentence fragment error of the original sentence by providing the main reference « draw » to match the theme of the « horror movies » and perform the plot of the sentence. In addition, choice (C) appropriately provides the relative phrase « keep viewers in a state of endless fear » to change the previous noun phrase « horror movies. » None of the other options result in a complete package. The choice (B) is correct.

It avoids mismatches of other options` pronouns by providing the second-person pronoun « you » in a way that matches the second-person pronoun following « your » (« in your life »). The third-person pronouns « one, » « everyone, » and « they » in choices (A), (C), and (D) do not match the second-person pronoun « she. » Hawaii, which consists of eight large and many small islands and was once known as sandwich islands, was admitted to the Union in 1959 as the fiftieth state. Select the best version of the underlined part of the sentence. If you think the original sentence is the best, choose the first answer. The hero of Wuthering Heights, Heathcliff, was in any case a man of humble origin. Not only was he an orphan without a last name, but he was also abused and tormented by other children like Hindley from his new home. Heathcliff, who was constantly frustrated at every corner of life, could not marry Catherine, whom he loved as a child, in part because of her low social status. After Catherine left to marry her new husband, Heathcliff took a trip where he raised a lot of money and apparently increased his place in society. .