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A lump sum sales contract with advanced Network Devices is hosted by Vision Operations and provided to Vision Services. Some of these element attributes can also be transferred to other languages installed in your app. You can use the contract loading process to add translations to the article attribute. As a user, z.B. as a buyer or category manager, you can create purchase agreements for external processing items. Agreements to purchase external processing items contribute to the automatic creation of external processing orders based on externally managed order requirements. When a member of the legal team walks to the wall of the sales contract, they can see certain attributes, for example.B. Description and supplier. The agent answers your questions, provides a permanent registration, and updates the agreement based on its response. This attribute applies only to general sales contracts. Use price change control to use cumulative price functionality for your sales framework contracts and get discounts based on cumulative purchases in all client entities that redeem the deal.

Select cumulatively if the app needs to select the price interruption taking into account the amounts of commands previously released for the frame line. Don`t select cumulatively if the app needs to select the price interruption based on the amount of command positions. You can view the infolive in the Purchasing Contracts work area on the Overview page. The infolet displays all agreements that are published under, published or more than 100 percent. The information is based on the notification control elements set up in the « Controls » tab of the agreement. Click on a bar in the diagram to see agreements with a certain consumption status. If there is more than one agreement in the category, a list of agreements is displayed on the Manage Agreements page. Click on a link to the agreement number to see the details of the agreement. You can use the « Import Purchase Framework Agreement » model to download external processing items in a general purchase agreement with an external processing document style.